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Streetwise empowers Youth Workers to support young people by providing a creative skill-building activity.


Streetwise evolved from the Matchbox Program and the Backswing Program, which have been successfully delivered to youth-related Australian Government programs such as Transition to Work and the Empowering YOUth Initiatives.

Streetwise is yet another great initiative by Turn (Australia).

About Streetwise

We are giving young people a platform

Streetwise is dedicated to giving young people the opportunity to showcase their talent and skills to inspire others. 

Supporting Youth Organisations

Streetwise supports youth-related organisations in improving their engagement with young people.

Streetwise projects are based on topics of young people's interest. Importantly, they offer the opportunity to practice and build employability skills that are important in the world of work. And it's a great experience to put on young people's resumes.

Coaching Youth Workers

Streetwise provides Youth Workers with a creative strategy and toolkit to inspire young people to create content that can be published on the Streetwise website.

Our Streetwise online tutorial and toolkit empower Youth Workers to build on young people's skills and talents.

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